Celebrating Our 51st Season!

The Cooperstown Concert Series, locally loved since 1970, is offering corporate sponsorship for our 51st season, as well as for our individual concerts. This upcoming season will feature six concerts, one concert per month from October 2020 to March 2021.

We’re happy to present our 2020-21 season, our 51st!

You’ll notice that there are four concerts scheduled, rather than our usual six. Don’t worry! We will have a full season, but, like so many other businesses, our planning was derailed by COVID-19. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates. Also, if you’re not on our email list, please subscribe. It’s the most direct way for us to provide information to our supporters and audience.

The 2020-21 season will once again embody our twin goals of providing performing arts events that intrigue and challenge as well as entertain by offering the highest quality artists that we can afford. Our eclectic mix of artists is our signature and audiences have grown to trust that if Concert Series brings an artist, it’s going to be a great night. One of the nicest things about Concert Series is that, invariably, many people will come up to us at the end of every show and say, “That was the best concert you guys have ever had!” We are determined to keep the tradition going.


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  • Tickets are available at Ellsworth and Sill (unless closed for vacation), Riverwood, Church & Scott Pharmacy and The Fly Creek General Store.
  • Tickets are often available at the door, though concerts sometimes sell out in advance.
  • Please call Concert Series, not the venues, for concert information.
  • All concerts are rain or shine, snow or ice.